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Current Version

Version X change 1 (3/29/18)


Briefing Guides for new revisions.

Version X
X chg 1
Version W
chg 3


This online version of the 7110.65 has formatting changes from the text version. Additionally, there are numerous spelling/punctuation/inconsistency errors present in the text version which have been corrected. None of these corrections modify the meaning of the text; in instances where a correction had potential to distort meaning or context, the original text was maintained versus "correcting" it. Aside from those changes, all content is faithful to the official, text version of the document.

Some print/export tools will not work for this section (anything prefaced with "7110.65:"). The printable version of pages works, but the pdf generator will not. If you need a pdf version of this document, download it from the FAA site.

Clarifications and Interpretations

Official clarifications and interpretations are linked where available. The original document is modified to fit the site formatting and remove personal information, but no relevant message content is modified.

Linking to this reference


To link directly to a chapter/section/paragraph
For a chapter: "7110.65:" followed by chapter_number (replace spaces with underscores). https://w.pointsixtyfive.com/wiki/7110.65:chapter_4
For a section: "7110.65:" followed by chapter_number#section. https://w.pointsixtyfive.com/wiki/7110.65:chapter_4#s2
For a paragraph: "7110.65:" followed by chapter_number#actual_paragraph_number. https://w.pointsixtyfive.com/wiki/7110.65:chapter_5#5-5-4


Terms having FAA & ICAO definitions are listed once, with [ICAO] preceding the ICAO definition. For all PCG links, letters after the " # " must be lowercase.

To link a PCG term
The page name followed by the number sign and term. Separate multi-word terms with underscores between words. No punctuation is used (apostrophes, dashes, brackets, etc).
Term- VFR on Top.
Link- https://w.pointsixtyfive.com/wiki/7110.65:PCG#vfr_on_top
In terms where an acronym is present (or the [ICAO] tag), remove the acronym.
Term- Area Navigation (RNAV).
Link- https://w.pointsixtyfive.com/wiki/7110.65:PCG#area_navigation
In terms where phraseology is present, keep the variable words inside the parenthesis, but not the parenthesis themselves.
Link- https://w.pointsixtyfive.com/wiki/7110.65:PCG#circle_to_runway_runway_number


The site url followed by "interpretation_number"